Common IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Test

Common Question:


A : Can i see your identification please?
B : Yes of course
A : Do you work or do you student?
B : Well, i work full time but i also have some part time studies going on as well
A : What is your profession?
B : I am working as an accountant. I am qualified in accounting
A : Why do you choose for this profession?
B : Well, i was actually studying something else when i was younger but then i left that which was economics. I left that for some reasonThen later on, one thing led to another and eventually I sort of ended up with accountancy it was not planned.
A : What do you see in the future for this profession in the future?
B : Well, now that I am working as an accountant for more than two years now, in a small accounting firm. I hope that a while I can move on to bigger firms with roles that would have more responsibilities and further career prospectives.
A : Now, lets talk about something else. Lets talk about holidays, what do you usually do in the holidays?
B : Well, in the holidays, obviously I like to go away with my family and spend some quality time with them and hopefully reenergise myself for the months to come.
A : What do you plan for the next holiday?
B : For my next holiday. I am not quite sure yet. I have a few things planned. I don’t know which one is going to work out how. I have plans of going back home to Bangladesh and meet my parents. I have seen them a year ago but I would like to go and see them again or else maybe, we could go to Turkey Istanbul. I have always been fascinated by that city but I have never been there with all the history and everything there, so I would like to go there.

A : Do you enjoy holiday when you are child or now?
B : Well, i think many people would think that you would probably enjoy holidays when you are younger because there is no responsibility and everything but I personally feel that now i have grown up and i know more about the world, I know about as i was talking about istanbul. I know about history and everything, so I can appreciate it more when I go there. Rather than when I was a child I used to go where my parents would take me and not really know whats going on.
A : Do you think that holidays are very important?
B : Holidays are very important as I said earlier, I would like to go and reenergise myself for the period to come ahead. So, it is very important in the sense that it give me a break and gives me some time off from everyday life and I can hopefully reboot myself and come back and do what i do.
A : What music do you usually listening to?